Migjen Dema | coo pomo food café

I have worked very closely with Ms. Annemiek during the couples off months opening our new restaurant here in Prishtina ,Kosova

Annemiek produces a high volume of work while consistently maintaining high standards for quality and accuracy.

Annemiek possesses the ultimate “Can Do“ attitude while taking on all tasks with a positive energy and a smile. Her upbeat personality and engaging personal style makes very well organized and keeps the track of details to the interior design and colors.

I volunteered to write this recommendation for Annemiek because I am very grateful for her contributions to our restaurant and very confident that she has the intelligence, work ethic and communications skills to add value to wherever she works. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this outstanding young woman.

Together with Migjen, I am working on behalf of Bakery Inititaives and the EBRD on the development of the new Pomo Food cafe. It is a restaurant with a food counter, coffee bar and two terraces.

After the evaluation we will implement this new design in the existing Pomo restaurants and new restaurants will be opened with the new design. The new coffee bar will also be realized at the existing PanPan bakery stores.

In addition, we will develop a Drive Inn module of the new concept and design.

Migjen is is a hard-working man who always prepares and performs his work very meticulously, which makes a huge difference when I'm in Kosovo. This allows us to do a lot of work in a very short time. He is enthusiastic, motivated, open minded and inquisitive, but above all a very good host.